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Coena makes business network software.

In business networks, independent businesses work together to sell and buy collectively. Or to share knowlegde, such as the realtime stock levels of products. A business network can be moderated using Coena Hub, which supports common business network processes. While Coena Node lets individual businesses - big or small - connect to the network.

Coena Value Network

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Some ideas to get you going...

Coena business network software liberates the power of the network for small and large business. Let us share some ideas of how we see you using our tools to make the network your business.

Manufacturing Networks

Networks of businesses working together to manufacture goods.

Automotive Networks
Networks of suppliers who provide goods to a large automotive manufacturer.

Electronics Manufacturing Networks
Networks of suppliers who provide goods to a large electronics manufacturer.

Buying Networks

Networks of businesses working together to buy things together.

Office Supplies
A network of 840 independent office supplies shops working together to make consolidated purchases with large suppliers.

Energy Purchasing
A network of businesses collaborating to purchase energy together.

Selling Networks

Networks of businesses working together to sell things together.

Fashion Networks
Independent fashion designers that exhibit their collections on a moderated marketplace. Individual designers publish their collections to the network, and then connect with fashion buyers.

Fruit and Vegetable Trade Networks
Multinational fruit and vegetable companies supporting a worldwide network of subsidiaries who want to capture synergies while remaining flexible.

Logistics Sales Network
300 independent trucking companies with 20 trucks or more working together to provide a common sales portal.

Hotel Networks
A network of 5000 independent hoteliers collaborating to sell real-time room capacity.

Office Supplies
A network of 850 companies supplying office supplies selling through a common channel.

Dealer Networks

Networks where a company is trying to manage dealers.

Automotive Dealers
A car manufacturer managing their dealers with real-time stock control, spare parts ordering, etc.

Electronics Dealers
A electronics vendor that manages their dealer network with sales catalogs, real-time stock control, accessories ordering, assisted selling, etc.

Service Networks

Networks where companies work together to offer a common service.

Warehousing Network
Individual space in different locations are combined to offer a national warehousing network.

Logistics Service Network
300 companies with 20 trucks each offering a national transport network under a common brand.


Vers van de Kweker  and  Coena Agriculture

On the 24th of June, 50 growers from the Netherlands officially joined their forces to sell products directly to consumers using the Coena Busines Network Platform. (translated in English as "Fresh from the Grower") is a unique business-driven initiative of Dutch growers, farmers and local producers with the aim of delivering high quality, fresh, honest, healthy, tasty and lovingly grown products. Initially starting with 10 partners, the initiative grew to a total of 50 farmers, all connected by using Coena's state-of-the-art solutions for Agricultural Cooperatives.

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